Sofia Shuns a World Anti-corruption Forum Standartnews - 2001/5/30
No one of the government in Sofia is aware that the second global conference to combat corruption and protection of incorruptibility has been under way since last Monday. The event is a continuation of the forum on the same topic convened on the initiative of the USA four years ago. The only Bulgarians attend the forum in their capacity of private persons - ambassador Kamen Velichkov and Boiko Todorov from the non-governmental 'Coalition 2000'. The two have no mandate to represent this country at the forum. 190 countries take part in the international conference the aim of which is to draft a treaty for struggle against corruption, AP reported. The forum is being held within the framework of the UN. Bulgaria won't be represented by any minister although the cabinet had received an invitation. Those present at the forum heard an address by US President George Bush which mentions the intention of the new American administration to turn the struggle against corruption into a priority of its foreign policy.

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