Gen. Milanov: Legal Weapon Confiscated, too! Standartnews - 2004/4/6
If I was in charge, even the registered firearms would be confiscated from the people, Director of the National Service for Combating Organized Crime Gen. Rumen Milanov said yesterday at a seminar dedicated to the trafficking in small arms and organized crime, organized by the Centre for the Study of Democracy. He said that the amendments, with which the Weapons Possessing Act was "liberalized", were not quite apt. These amendments triggered a lot of risks because firearms got in the hands of the crime structures, too, Gen. Milanov said also. To his words, the politicians, but not the special services, are to work out and pass a more rigid weapons draft bill. "In the passed 2 years, the crime rings and underground bosses obtained arms, rather than the people to defend themselves from criminals, BSP MP Tatyana Doncheva pointed out. To her, before more rigid measures are introduced it should be considered how exactly the confiscation of weapons will be carried out. According to data of the Centre for the Study of Democracy, there is a sudden increase in the number of the registered defense weapons. In 1999 they were 44,921 and in 2003 - 122,354.

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