The Vicious Circle of Bribery Standartnews - 2003/11/13
One or two Bulgarians oil the palms of officials giving bribes of 100 levs every month, to be able to cope with their problems. The corruption surveys of Coalition '2000 and Vitosha Research show that there are at least 600,000 such cases per year. Most of the pollees deem the customs houses, police and Privatization Agency to be the most corrupted institutions in this country. The same is valid for the university teachers. The surveys are indicative of the fact that bribes of 100 levs for ordinary and mostly formal permits prevail. Bribes are most of all connected with saving time, as the time means money for more and more of the Bulgarian nationals.
Half of the pollees believes that the Cabinet is taking measures against corruption in one way or another. The surveys show that corruption ranks third giving place to unemployment and criminality.

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