Bulgaria's NATO Entry Results in Boosted Investments Sofia_News_Agency - 2004/10/29
Foreign investments in Bulgaria have gone up 9 times following the country's entry into NATO.

The news was broken by Deputy Prime Minister Plamen Panayotov at the special forum called "NATO, EU and the new risks: Southeastern Europe's Perspective," organized by the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) in Sofia. Panayotov pointed out that besides a strong political and military ally NATO is a major economic factor.

Statistical data shows that the foreign investments in Bulgaria have considerably gone up after November 2002 when Sofia was first invited to join the Alliance.

As major threats for the entire world community Panayotov pointed terrorism and the wide spread of weapons of mass destruction. He also focused on the transition in the countries in Southeastern Europe underlining that the process is developing slowly.

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