INCUMBENT Petar Stoyanov launched officially his presidential campaign, claiming a second mandate in office. He however has not yet selected his vice president and said this would be done at a later stage. Stoyanov's campaign team is chaired by Ivan Stanchov, with UDF's Nadezhda Mikhailova, Lyuben Dilov-Jr and VMORO's Raina Drangova being his deputies. Petar Korumbashev is the campaign's producer, who will work hand in hand with theatre director Tedy Moskov. VMORO's chairman Krassimir Karakachanov and judge Zhivko Stalev are members of the campaign committee. Sociologist Ralica Peeva is Stoyanov's political analyst.
The incumbent president said he would lead a positive campaign without taking advantage of the benefits that the presidential institution can provide.
As for the financing, Stoyanov would rely on donations from individuals and businessmen. Accounts will be opened by the Coalition 2000, Transparency without Borders, Civil Alliance against Corruption. Stoyanov said he would be glad if the National Movement for Simeon II and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms support his bid for a second mandate. However, no such talks have been conducted so far.

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