MEDICAL doctors topped the notorious most corrupted professions list, according to the result of an opinion poll conducted by Coalition 2000 and Vitosha Research.
In October 2001 22.3% of all respondents said doctors are the most corrupted professionals, up from 6.1% in January. Thus doctors emerged ahead of professions considers as traditionally corrupted like police and customs officials who scored in October respectively 18.5% and 18.4% of all the respondents' votes.
The tax officials also moved slightly down the list.
According to the polling agencies, corruption among parliamentary deputies, ministers and municipal councillors has diminished. As usual the bottom of the black list was occupied by representatives of non-governmental organisations, journalists and teachers.
Corruption climbed up to the third place as a major problem for the respondents. The number of the people who consider corruption a major problem has increased by 10% compared to the January results.
Most of the respondents however did not recognise the abuse of power and official standing as a manifestation of corruption. Nevertheless, people are becoming growingly intolerant to any actions that could be interpreted as corruption, the pollsters said. This trend was attributed to the fact that corruption has emerged high on the agenda of both the public and the media.
According to the opinion poll results, unemployment /with 64%/ and poverty/ /with 46.9 %/ remain the main sources of concern for Bulgarians.

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