Bulgaria: Poll shows 25 per cent of public officials admit accepting bribes last Financial_Times - 2000/11/11
In an opinion poll conducted among magistrates, tax inspectors, municipal councillors and customs officers from the Veliko Turnovo region, every fourth of them admitted to taking a bribe during the past 12 months. The survey aimed to clarify the susceptibility to corruption and corruption practices and mechanisms among the personnel of the prosecuting authorities, the investigative services, the judiciary, the tax and customs offices and the municipal councils. It was conducted within the Coalition 2000 Programme by a team of pollsters from the local Council of Europe information centre. The consolidated data from the opinion poll showed that 81 per cent of the surveyed 195 staffers accept as normal the act of taking a bribe. At the same time, 77 per cent of tax inspectors, 70 per cent of magistrates, 57 per cent of municipal councillors and 56 per cent of customs officers admit that they have been involved in instances of corruption during the past 12 months. The people susceptible to corruption are the ones with the most pessimistic attitude towards the possibility to counter the phenomenon. According to the pollsters, these are usually women under 40 with 10-15 years of service holding positions towards the upper end of the management hierarchy who have been appointed due to their connections.

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