President Purvanov to meet NATO SACEUR Gen. Jones Bulgaria_Online - 2005/11/18
Bulgaria’s President Georgi Purvanov will meet NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe Gen. James Jones over the weekend in Sofia, Bulgarian media reported. General Jones arrives to take part in the Third Annual Security Conference of the Center for the Study of Democracy will take place on November 19-20, 2005 in Boyana residence near Sofia. The forum will aim to give more prominence to ideas, concepts and policies which dominate the agenda of NATO, the EU and the wider international community in this field. The Black sea and Southeast European regions have been chosen as sources of only some security problems, which complement the wider spectrum of concerns underlying the new security theories and practices.
The conference will again benefit from the participation of leading NATO and EU representatives, as well as government ministers, professional military and security leaders, experts, academia and the industry. NATO SACEUR Gen. James Jones will be among the participants.

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