Coalition 2000 Compares Corruption Attitudes In Three Balkan States BTA - 2000/2/24
Corruption is the number one problem in Albania, the fourth most serious one in Bulgaria, and the seventh most serious one in Macedonia, according to a comparative survey conducted by the Coalition 2000 organization. The results were presented in an interview for Bulgarian National Radio by Vitosha Research President Alexander Stoyanov on Wednesday. The Macedonian and Bulgarian respondents identified unemployment and low incomes, respectively, as their major problems. The results are still to be analysed by experts from the three countries. "Most importantly, we are trying to introduce a regional approach to the problem of corruption, because many of its aspects transcend national borders," Stoyanov said. At the end of this week, Bulgaria will host an anti-corruption forum of Southeast Europe organized by Coalition 2000. Asked about the occupations which they consider most susceptible to corruption, the Albanian respondents listed judges, lawyers, investigators, and prosecutors; their Bulgarian counterparts mentioned doctors, customs officers, and police officers; and the Macedonians listed doctors, ministers, MPs, and ministry employees.

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