One of the Most Influencing Bulgarian Think-Tanks Hosted a Round Table ALL - 2003/3/20
In his opening remarks Dr. Ognian Shentov, CSD Chairman, pointed out that CSD's experience had shown that the only effective way of addressing the issue of contraband and transnational crime was through broad Public-Private Partnerships that involve, on an equal footing, all relevant actors in government, international institutions, business community and civil society. Dr. Shentov underlined that CSD had done quite a lot in the area of coalition building over the past years - since 1998 various working groups were set up which included experts from government institutions, including the security services, alongside independent researchers and media.

Mr. Boyko Kotsev, Deputy-Minister of Interior, stressed on the need to replace the notion of control with the need to develop partnerships and illustrated the theme of partnership in three ways: cooperation between Bulgaria and the UK, drugs policy and strategy, and public-private partnerships.

Ms. Zorka Purvanova, spouse of the President of Bulgaria, pointed out some of the reasons for the increase of drugs consumption in Bulgaria - poverty, unemployment, lack of social perspective, erosion of moral values, lower prestige of the Bulgarian school, problems with the ongoing health reform. She underlined that the key to the efficient solutions was "partnership" in the sense of coordination and combined efforts of all institutions - educational, social, law-enforcement and judicial.


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