2% of Bulgarians Use Drugs Regularly - Think Tank
(SofiaNewsAgency) - 2007/6/25
Roughly 2% of Bulgarians, or more than 150 000 people, use drugs regularly, a report by Bulgarian think tank Centre for Study of Democracy showed on Monday.

The study was presented at an open meeting of a committee on crime prevention that brings together government officials and the civic society.

Some of the biggest drug barons have either fled the country since 2003, or have been killed, which has drastically changed the balance of power between rival gangs, the report's authors claim.

Heroin is the drug seized in the largest quantities last year, Bulgaria's Interior Minister Rumen Petkov said. The total amount of drugs seized by Bulgarian police was four tonnes.

The heroin's share of the drug market has been decreasing slowly, with amphetamines and cocaine becoming more popular, chief police commissioner Valentin Petrov said.

The police have investigated 2740 drug-related crimes last year, identifying more than 1000 dealers and arresting members of two prominent drug-dealing rings in the country's two biggest port cities - Burgas and Varna.

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